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COVID-19 test locations

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Test locations for passengers departing from Colombia

Location:In front of the airport parking. Av. calle 26 No. 113-90

Opening time: Monday to Sunday from 04:00a.m to 10:00p.m

Discount for KLM & Air France passengers: Yes, if booking confirmed, the costs are:

PCR 220.000cop

Antigen 110.000cop

Antibody 50.000cop

Cost with no booking: PCR: 280.000cop

PCR 280.000cop

Antigen: 140.000cop

Antibody: 70.000


Sanitary requirements to enter Colombian territory

To prevent the transmission, contagion and serious forms of COVID-19, the Colombian government requires international travelers traveling to its territory to comply with preventive health control measures. All travelers over 18 years of age must present a vaccination certificate with a complete schedule, having a minimum of 14 days from the date the schedule was completed. The required vaccines will be those authorized by the World Health Organization, which can be consulted at the following link https://covid-19pharmacovigilance.paho.org/. Foreigners, 18 years of age or older, non-residents in Colombia who do not have a complete vaccination schedule or who do not meet 14 days of completing the schedule, may enter the country by presenting a PCR test with a negative result, issued no later than 72 hours before the date and time of boarding initially scheduled. The proof is presented together with the vaccination certificate. Non-resident foreigners in Colombia who have not started a vaccination scheme will not be allowed to enter Colombia. Exceptionally, Colombians, foreigners with permanent residence in Colombia, diplomats and their 18 years or older. When the passenger does not have the complete vaccination schedule, the trip is allowed by presenting a negative PCR test of 72 hours before or antigens of maximum 48 hours before. The vaccination certificate must be presented in physical or digital form. The certificate must allow identifying at least the name and surname of the holder, type and identification number, date of vaccination, name of the vaccine administered or the manufacturer of the vaccine, and number of doses administered. All international travelers, whether they are nationals or not, must register through the Check-Mig application. We remind our clients that it is the responsibility of travelers to know and comply with the entry measures that apply to their destination country, at the time of their trip. For details of updated measures, see klm.traveldoc.aero.